Violent video games and teenage violence

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Violent video games and teenage violence

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    However, the American Psychological Association recognizes that the evidence in favor of a link between violent video games and violent teen behavior outweighs the evidence against it (1). Violent video games more harmful than violent TV. Studies recognize the difference between watching violent TV and movies and playing violent video games (1). Because watching TV or movies is more passive, teens are not actively taking part in scenes of violence. When it comes to video games, …

    Violent Video Games Promote Teen Aggression and Violence Teens at Risk, 2013 "There are reasons to believe that violent video games may have a larger harmful effect than violent TV and film." In the following viewpoint, Craig A. Anderson discusses the influence of media violence—including violent video games—on youth. Anderson contends that the research demonstrates a clear connection ...


     · “We found that violent video games do not appear to be linked to aggression.” When Ferguson and his colleagues reexamined the data used in the earlier meta-analysis, they found that it did not include most of the existing studies of video games and violence and failed to take quality issues into consideration. “Studies that are well designed, such as those using standardized and well ...


     · Playing violent video games for long periods can hold back the "moral maturity" of teenagers, according to research.


     · But more and more people are beginning to wonder about violent video games effects on teens. Some of the most popular video games with youth and young adults involve the “first-person shooter”(FPS) genre. These violent games allow the player to view the action through the lens of a weapon, passing through the various levels of the game while mowing down the targeted characters. …


     · Teenagers who play violent video games over a number of years become more aggressive towards other people as a result, according to a new long-term study. Researchers said the study was the first...


     · Video games are a major part of most teens’ lives. As many as 90 percent of U.S. teens play them. Boys are more likely to play than girls. And more violent games, such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, are among the most popular.All this has led adults to worry that violent games are making teens act violently in real life.

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